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Build A CCTV Kit Pro Hikvision 1 - 4 Camera Dome Kit




This is an opportunity for you to build and select your own professional grade plug & play CCTV kit. Only paying for what you require. This equipment comes with its own online software and we will be happy to help you get online so you can view your cameras on your phone. If you don't fancy installing your own kit we do offer an installation service and we'd be happy to give a quote.

Basically you have selected a 4 Channel DVR Recorder, the max number of cameras is 4 . Choose 1 - 4 Cameras.

1. Then select the size of your Hard Drive which will depend on how long you want to store video footage for. As a guide when these cameras are recording continuous at 12 fps you'll get 300gb approx per camera. 1000gb =1TB

2. It's now time to select the number of cameras you require using a lens calculator may help with this as it will give you an idea on the FOV (Field of View).

3. Next select the cable length. The cable is pre made plug and play HD cables they come in 10, 20 and 30m lengths. If you require Cat5e, Cat6 or RG59 Coax then please enquire first.

4. If your cameras are been fitted outdoors then you need to consider where the connection of the cable and the camera will be ideally the short cable of the camera will be on the inside of the wall after drilling through or tucked in the roof under the tile or soffits. If not you should keep the plug connections dry, water will only hamper your picture quality or even kill it completely we suggest you use waterproof connection boxes like are on offer here. Water will find it's way into masking tape.

5. Monitoring Cable HDMI or VGA firstly you will need to see what ports you have available on your TV or Monitor Most screens have both but check first. You will get 1080p HD out of VGA. HDMI has a maximum length of 20m and VGA 10m. If you have monitoring distances exceeding these distances then please get in touch for alternative methods.

6. POWER is selected by default to account for the power required to work the cameras correctly. You just have to select if you require power or not for the cameras, the recorder power supply comes with the recorder. This also applies to the the splitter which is calculated for the amount of cameras you choose images of these products are available once you've selected yes or no which will give you a better understanding of what your purchasing.

7.  Monitor select weather you need one or not. Yes you will be able to view your cameras online and on mobile devices providing you have broadband access but i would also recommend have have your DVR connected to some sort of a HDMI, VGA interface. You can also use your TV providing you have VGA or HDMI ports, if your not sure then give us a call to see if we can assist.

8. DVR Lock box this as it says a steel lockable box to keep the DVR safe. They can be bolted down they're light grey in colour. 

The Brand is Hikvision which is without a doubt the leading brand in this industry there reputation speaks for itself. All equipment comes with a 2 year warranty.

DVR Recorder

Hikvision is the leading brand in surveillance and CCTV equipment

The Hikvision Turbo 3.0 series of HD DVRs is part of a new range of HYBRID CCTV equipment by Hikvision. This DVR use H.264 and Duel stream video compression and uses a BNC interface for camera input. The TURBO 3.0 range of DVRs are able to support HD-TVI, AHD and standard Analogue cameras using adaptive access. This range of DVRs have both VGA and HDMI outputs with an output resolution of 1920 x 1080P and can record on the main stream 1080P in non real time and 720P resolution and below in real time. This DVR supports a HDD of up to 6TB. It comes with a 2 year warranty. The DVR records in continuous, Scheduled and motion.


This IR Turret Camera is part of the new 3.0 Series by Hikvision. It has a 2MP CMOS progressive scan image sensor giving a resolution of 1080P, and this camera can support a frame rate of 25fps at the resolution of 1080P. This CCTV dome camera has a fixed lens of 3.6mm giving the camera a viewing angle of approx. 82.2°. This CCTV camera can perform well in low light levels and when the levels reach below the cameras minimum illumination levels of 0.01 Lux the auto switch IR filter switches the IR on and the camera can provide an IR distance of up to 20m. This camera is and eyeball shaped turret camera, and has a protective white coloured metal casing. Hikvision has given this camera the rating of IP66 making the camera weatherproof and the turret shape makes the camera vandal proof as well. This camera comes with 2 year warranty as standard as with all Hikvision and in accordance with our general terms and conditions.