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Hikvision CCTV Sytsems

Hikvision is now the leading provider of CCTV Systems and surveillance equipment in the world, with a huge range in the latest HD CCTV Camera equipment. We have put together a range of systems that are reasonably priced, reliable and most important user friendly. Here you can buy Hikvision and there sister brand Hilook and get full support with installation if needed.


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Hikvision CCTV Systems 

Use The Latest Technology To Secure Your Property

The best method to cover all your home security needs is to purchase an effective Hikvision CCTV System.

This all-in-one solution provides you with everything you need from 1080p to 4k HD Hikvision  CCTV Cameras and recording technology. Instead of buying all the individual parts for your home CCTV system why not buy a professional pro system that has a reputation for  crystal clear images and reliable recording. Receive full support in  Hull, East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire area and phone and email support everywhere else from experienced installers.

Your home is more at risk than ever of being targeted by burglars. A CCTV kit can also be used to record incidents outside your home too. Now is the time to start taking action to safeguard your family, property and possessions. 

To find out more about our effective Hikvision CCTV Security Camera Systems can be get in contact with us right away to start building your own home and business security system today.

How Can I Build My Own CCTV Kit?

Building your first CCTV camera system can be simple . We have great offers on a complete all-in-one system that uses the latest technologies to protect your home. If you think you would feel better discussing this on the phone first with an engineer then please feel free to call on 01482 869849 or 07466257081

Simply choose what components you need. Every property is different. You might need two cameras to cover the front and back doors or you may need 4 cameras to offer surveillance over a larger area. Select what you need and cover as much or as little of your property as you require.

You can decide how much equipment you need with our build your own CCTV Security Camera Systems. Add in up to 12TB of storage, HDMI cables or CCTV warning signs and ensure that you have everything required to not only protect and record your property but warn people that a CCTV system is in operation too.

Before Seting Up Your CCTV System 

I would first of all just like to point out a few things first before you buy your system,

1. Recording resolution is not the same as output resolution " what you see is not always what you get". Your recording resolution is dependant on the resolution of your cameras and the recorder but the output resolution is dependant on your Monitoring system.

We make sure all recording settings are set to a HD recording resolution but what you see is dependant on your Monitor or TV.

2. Especially around houses and built up areas lots of powerful night vision is not always going to be the best after all it is light and it will reflect and bounce around especially down the sides of buildings and alleyways. Usally 20m of night vision is about the best.

3. You don't always benifit the most from ultra high megapixel cameras. at short distances around property 5mp is enough and at close distance 2mp can be enough 8mp can come with complications and doesn't always make a big difference.

4. Position is just as important as the clarity of the camera lens are similar to your own eyes really think square on and hight find a balance.

Storage or the size of your hard drive is something else to consider sometimes you don't always notice something is missing, long recording time can be advantagous. 

Recording your feed is vitally important. It means that you can go back over the video later and also use the recording as evidence if need be. It is an essential part of protecting your home and being able to use the feed at a later date.

Using Monitors

Aside from the cameras and recording your feed you need something to play it back on. Even if your online with your cameras which is a simple process with our security systems and viewing your security cameras on your phone, tablet i would always recommend having it setup with a monitor it will make your system more user friendly instant, constant and easier if you need to fault find. 

We provide crystal clear HD monitors that let you do this. You can choose a monitor between 19 – 24 inches that will allow you to play the feed live or go back and play a recorded video that your CCTV camera kit has picked up. This allows you to see what is happening on your feed as it happens. 

Our monitors come with both HDMI and VGA output and have an energy friendly setting to save on your electricity costs too.

Start Safeguarding Your Property Now 

Building a home CCTV kit has never been easier. 

In fact, you can choose each component that you need just by selecting the drop-down boxes and tailoring the kit to your own specifications. You only need to pay for what you actually need with our secure CCTV camera kits that protect your home both indoors and outdoors. There is no need to waste money on a lot of equipment that you don’t need. 

With our high quality and security focused CCTV kits you will get:

A state of the art ‘build your own’ home security system

The choice between 1 and 4 cameras for your property

A selection of video recorders to store your video feed

HD monitors where you can watch your CCTV live

The ability to only pay for what you actually need

It is more cost effective than ever to buy CCTV camera kits and start protecting your home today.

Still not sure what you need? Contact us on 01482 869849 and we will use our expertise to show you exactly what kit you need to safeguard your property.



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