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5MP Hikvision CCTV Systems



Select From The Drop Down Boxes Above The 5MP Hikvision CCTV System That You Need.

Hikvision is the leading provider in cctv equipment  and we've been installing and selling it now for the 10 years. It can not be compared to cheap rubbish you find on Ebay or Amazon.

This 5 MP Hikvision CCTV System is a complete system and has everything you need to set up a HD CCTV system in either your home or business! Combining both HD DVR and HD Cameras from the leading Brand HIKVISION.

All Hard Drives selected above are surveillance hard drives and Not pc drives they are built for 24/7 recording and are pre installed for you.

Hikvision recorders come with all the latest features like Motion Movement Alerts, Tripwire Alerts, Instant Playback Password Encryption and Video Tampering Alerts Ect.

The Hikvision Security Cameras are a 2.8mm 5mp Lens with a Field of View of 98* wide, come with 20m of EXIR Infra Red Smart Night Vision and are completely weather resistent, there also strong and compact.  

For every Hikvision Camera selected it comes with a 18m HD 2 core pre made cable.

Longer cables can be made to order on request. 

This Equipment comes with  FREE Hik Connect App software for online viewing of your Cameras on your mobile devices remotely. Its a simple process but we will provide you with an instructional video on how to do this you'll also get telephone assistance if needed

• 1x HIKVISION 5MP 4/8/16 Channel Recorder

• 5MP White Hikvision Turret Cameras With 20m EXIR Smart Night Vision 

• Optional Surveillance Hard Drive UP TO 6TB

• HD 2 Core 18m Cables For Every Camera

• Splitter and Camera Power Supply

• 1x HDMI Cable

• 1x Ethernet Cable 

• 2 Years Warranty

Still not sure what you need or have some more questions then please give us a call and we'd be more than happy to help, on  tel - 01482 869849 or 07466257081




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