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Burglar Alarms In Hull

The safety of your home, family and possessions matters. 

If you need a quote for a new Self Monitored Alarm System or some advice on Securing your Home then Call 01482 869849.


With a GSM WIFI Wireless Alarm Panel you get:

  • Wireless intruder alarms and motion sensors
  • Door, window, smoke, flood and gas alarms
  • Full control of the system from your smartphone
  • Real-time updates and smart key fobs
  • The peace of mind that your home is secured

Don’t take the risk and leave your home as an open invitation to burglars. 


Like most parts of the country, Burglar Alarms in Hull helps to keep households and businesses safe.


Most residents in Hull are searching the term"Burglar Alarms in Hull". They need a reliable, trustworthy and professional company to assist them with setting up their burglar alarms.That is where Roadcamera UK comes in. We are experts in surveillance, security and CCTV camera related projects. Our burglar alarms are the best you can find anywhere in the Uk.


At Roadcamera UK, we can help install all types of burglar alarms. Whether wireless systems or the traditional wired systems you can count on us to do a brilliant job. We have been in the industry for decenniums and have helped many households and corporations with their security systems. We understand the importance of protecting your home and business that's why we also use burglar alarms ourselves to protect our homes and properties.

We install only the best brands


After reviewing and testing several brands of Burglar Alarms in Hull, we know exactly what works and what doesn't. But since every project is different and requirements vary from one client to the next,we are qualified enough and flexible in our approach. Thus, we'll only recommend a particular burglar alarm after reviewing your requirements and carrying out a site visit.


Technology is amazing won't you agree? Nowadays you can opt for a wireless burglar alarm system which integrates seamlessly with your entire security system. You will get alerts via your smartphone in case there is a security breach. It is awesome. But if you'd prefer the traditional wired systems then we can also help you with this. We are here to advise and satisfy your requirements whatever it may be. Our solutions are 100% customised to suit your demands and budget. So, whether you have a complex or straight forward project, expect to be overwhelmed by our professional approach and solutions.

But, which burglar alarm system is right for me?


Before we advise you on which burglar alarm system is good for you, it is important to look at some of the available burglar alarm systems. Burglar Alarms in Hull is a big deal and below are a few of the types of systems you can expect to have in your home or business. Of course,the choice will depend on several factors such as what actions you'd like taken in the event of a security breach; cost is another important factor, ease of use and much more. So, let's get cracking.


Audible Burglar alarm systems - with the audible or bell-only systems you get aloud noise which alerts your neighbours when your security is compromised. It is pretty straight forward. You get a loud bell-like sound repeatedly when someone tries to break in. The reasoning is that a neighbour or passer-by will ring the police once they hear the sound. If you live in a tight community where you have everyone looking out for each other, then this type of alarm system would do just fine. Get in touch with Roadcamera UK today to find out more about our audible systems.


Dialer Burglar alarms - the reasoning behind the dialer system is simple.In the event of a security breach, your alarm system will dial your pre-saved numbers to alert of the security breach. It could either be a GSM dialer or Landline dialer. Usually, you'll need to save a list of emergency contact numbers such as your number, friends, and family numbers who can be contacted by the burglar alarm in case of a break-in. Again, we can assist with setting up your dialler Burglar Alarms in Hull. Just get in touch for a quick quote.


Smart home security - with this type of alarm system, you get notifications on your smartphone in case there is a security breach. The burglar alarm integrates with your smartphone seamlessly through a network and exchange messages with your smartphone. With a smart home, you can use your smartphone to control other features such as lightening, CCTV cameras, etc. Of course, Roadcamera UK can help set up your smart home security systems. Just leave us a message, we'll get back to you asap.


Monitoring contract - some clients decide to have a contract with a company to manage their security. It could be monthly or annually. What happens is that if your alarm goes off, it will be auto alert the designated company to act. In this case, the company will either call the police or alert you. You could also have a contract that alerts the police directly in the event of a break-in. Again, Roadcamera UK can help you set this up. Just hit us up, for a quick quote.


Roadcamera UK can help with the maintenance of your Burglar Alarms in Hull. It is important to have routine maintenance of your burglar alarms so that in the case of a security breach you are 100%certain of a response. We can do a routine once a year or twice a year maintenance. Furthermore, we can carry out emergency repairs if needed.


What's next?


We are ready to get to work. Are you? If so,then, contact Roadcamera UK today on 01482 869849 or send us an email to find out how we can help setup your Burglar Alarms in Hull

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