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Commercial CCTV Systems In Hull

Use Effective CCTV Solutions To Safeguard Your Business

Did You Know You Are 5 X More Likely To Be Burgled With No Security System In Place 

North East England including Hull has some of the highest commercial burglary rates in the entire country. The importance of keeping your business safe has never been higher and sufficient protection for your commercial premises is vital.

Many companies don’t have a secure CCTV system in place and they are easy targets for intruders and shoplifters. 

Make sure that your company in Hull is not one of these targets by investing in high quality commercial CCTV systems today.

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Why You Should Use Professionals To Install Your Commercial CCTV System -

  • Latest HD Systems
  • Crystal Clear Images 
  • On And Off Site Support When Needed
  • Reduce Your Insurance Premiums
  • 2Yr Warranties

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This means that you don’t need to wait until the next morning to playback the CCTV feed as it can be monitored live and the police called straight away if there is an intrusion into your property. You have complete assurance that your commercial building is in safe hands. 

Even when your business is closed we can provide constant monitoring and surveillance.

Perimeter Alarms

Why wait until someone is illegally inside your property before any action is taken?

With our perimeter alarm solutions, alerts can be sounded before an intruder gains access to the building. A perimeter alarm can be set up to go off within a certain distance of your commercial premises to halt a burglary before it starts and it puts an alert straight through to security.

We also offer audio systems that can be activated to warn intruders from your premises before the police or security are even called.

Keeping Your Staff and The Public Safe

With effective CCTV systems for business you can provide safety for your staff and the public. 

This can range from simple video recording, monitoring potential shoplifters to providing evidence in the event of violence. Both your employees and the customers that visit your business will be safe in the knowledge that you have a secure CCTV system that is monitored for their protection.

With adequate security installed you offer a practical means of safeguarding everyone and everything in your business but also your commercial image is enhanced too.

2 Year Warranty With Ongoing Support

Our CCTV business systems come with a two year warranty on all the equipment we provide.

We only use top of the range and fully tested security equipment to offer a complete protection solution. With HD clear images and video in addition to a variety of other recording systems to monitor your premises you are leaving your security in the best hands possible.

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