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Door Entry and Access

Door entry security systems are widely used throughout the UK in the commercial and industrial sectors as well as in private homes.

Door entry and access control systems are tried-and-tested ways of securing your home or business, and are ideal for use in a wide range of situations and industry sectors.

These systems allow you to control who can enter and exit a building or compound without the need for keys, using alternatives such as keypads, swipe cards, key fobs, facial recognition, and biometrics.  

How it Works  

Roadcamera UK supplies and installs a range of door access security systems, including video and audio intercom entry systems. These systems work by securing the entry points where people access homes, businesses, and other buildings. Each access point is secured with a lock that can only be breached by someone who is in possession of whatever is required to open the lock. That might be a swipe card or proximity card, a password or number code, or in the case of biometric security, a fingerprint, hand print, or retina scan.  

Another important component of these systems is the door locking device, which is the physical mechanism that allows the door to lock and unlock. Common options include electric locks, strike locks, and electromagnetic locks. Depending on the specific system being installed, it may also include a door intercom that adds an extra layer of security by requiring a voice check in addition to other kinds of access. Wireless intercoms, in particular, are increasingly popular for home use.  

Most of these systems are also designed so that they perform one or more specific tasks when an unauthorized person tries to breach the system. This might include sounding an alarm, sending text messages to security staff or a homeowner, or alerting a security company that has been contracted to oversee the system.  

While door access and entry security systems provide an important level of safety and security, they work most effectively when combined with additional layers of security, such as alarm systems and CCTV. Many businesses and security conscious homes improve their security by adding one or more of these components.

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