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Property Security

How Secure is your Home?

There are many ways to make your home or business safer and more secure. One way to achieve this is to look at all the possible entry points on the property, evaluate their current safety level, and then investigate different ways to make improvements.  

The most effective methods overall, however, involve the use of CCTV systems that allow you to monitor your home or business, and intruder alarms that provide a warning when someone gains unauthorised access. At Roadcamera UK, this is our speciality supplying and installing security systems that help you keep your home or business safe and secure. If you're interested in installing a new security system or upgrading your current system,  give us a call now on

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Intruder Alarms

These systems include elements that protect window and door access points, and elements that monitor rooms for intruders. Contact sensors are installed at outdoor access points, and when the system is active, an alarm or other alert is triggered when doors or windows are opened. Rooms can be protected with passive infra red sensors, which are triggered by movement. These can even work in homes that have pets, as pet-friendly infra red sensors can be installed.  

These kinds of systems are ideal not only for businesses and homes, but also for associated buildings such as garden sheds and garages.


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