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GSM Auto Dialler



This GSM Auto Dialler Is For Use With Perimeter Beam Alarms System.

When Selected it comes to you wired in and configured once the receiver is triggered the Dialler auto dials pre programmed phone numbers.

The Dialler can text upto 3 stored Phone numbers and call upto 5 Phone numbers.

Once the Dialler is added to your Perimeter Beam Alarm System it completes the ultimate security system giving you 24/7 notification home or away of any intruders.

For complete control key holders or employers can dial in by text and disarm to enter and re arm when leaving the protected area so no alarms are set off.

Sirens, Speech Alerts and PIR Sensors can all be added to these Diallers and Perimeter Systems.

This 12v DC powered GSM Auto-Dialler has 16 x Wired zones (NO or NC), 16 x optional Wireless zones (for use with optional accessories), a 12v DC and NO/NC outputs, a 240v AC output Relay and a 240v AC Relay designed to be triggered remotely by text message.

You can use your own sim cards contract or pay as you go or you can select above for a roaming sim which we can supply pre loaded with credit. If you use your own sim card then just make sure there is a decent signal first.


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