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Perimeter Beams With Receiver



Wireless Perimeter Alarm Systems

Select the ammount of pairs of sensors you require from dropdown boxes above upto 128 pairs all setup and programming we will do for you before sending.

14 years in the security system industry and i can't stress enough how useful these systems are. Been alerted when the intruder has entered is invaluable and better than discovering the damage over the next day or so ! 

Perimeter Beam Alarm Systems can be used on Farm Yards, Stables and Paddocks, Compounds and Driveways the sensors are fixed upto a maximum of 100m apart  and when the beam is broken or walked through it relays a signal to the receiver which then replays a chime to notify the occupants there is an intruder.. The receiver can be upto 900m line of sight away from the sensor beams.

Advantages Of A Perimeter Alarm System


Ontop of the Perimeter Beam Sensors you can add other devices to extend and build a proffessional security system below are some examples of other security devices that can be added with links to pages where they can be added .

Things like Auto Diallers that are hard wired to the receiver to allow notifications to you Mobile Phone so you can be notified when your not at Home.

Other accessories

  • External PIR Sensors, for Yards and Barns
  • Door & Gate Sensors so you know when they've entered
  • Sirens to alert you
  • Pre recorded speech alerts

Setup Of Perimeter Beam Alarms

All sensors will be pre programmed all you will need to do is turn on and fix in positions.

You can add upto  128 sets of sensors to the receiver into the 4 zones. Adding extra sensors at a later date is very simple and you will get full support if needed. 01482 869849 or 07466257081 .

Fixing the Perimeter Beam Sensors in position is very simple you will be provided with fixings for pole mounting or fixing straight into a post or a wall. The idea is to line them up by sight or a string line you could also use a laser level if you have one but its not necessary. Once you've switched the sensors on there is a LCD screen which has a counter on it the more in line the sensors are the higher the count is you should be aiming for 200+ . The easiest way to do this is fix the sensor without the screen first and using your eyes or string line try and get the sensor with the screen in line using the counter to help line up moving up or down side to side until its inline and reading 200 or above.

Once the Perimeter Beams are lined up you can fix the receiver. The receiver will need a 13amp socket to power with the supplied 3 pin standard plug. You can keep the receiver loose or fixed to the wall all fixings are supplied.

If you have any issues or questions regarding the Perimeter Beam Alarm System that you'd like to discuss before buying you can contact us on or 01482 869849 or 07466257081  we'd be more than happy to assist you, Really just try us!!

Package includes - 

1 x Wireless Receiver with 4 zones 3 pin plug in adaptor

 However many pairs of sensors you select above

1 x Set of Manuals

Mounting brackets for each Beam Sensor.


  • 4 x Adjustable Relay N/O or N/C Outputs, used to trigger auto-diallers, timer relays
  • Adjustable 12v DC Outputs
  • ON/OFF Switch.
  • 5 minute Exit Delay (using the remote controls or receiver).
  • Volume Control.
  • Will work with up to 128 sets of Detectors.
  • Optional Reminder Bleeps.
  • Exit Delay Option.

Perimeter Beam Sensors

  • Battery Powered with Built in Solar Charging: (making for easy installation).
  • 2 x Dual Detection Technology Beams: (prevents false alarms from small animals and moving debris).
  • 100 metre Detection: 
  • Impressive 900 metre Wireless Range: 
  • Quality Build.
  • Supplied with Wall & Pole Mounting Brackets.
  • Test Lights: (for easy installation).
  • Top up charging Ports.

For more information on Perimeter Beam Alarms 


Pairs of Sensors: 1 Pair


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